Celtics vs Bucks: Marcus Smart is expected to return for Game 3

Celtics vs Bucks: Marcus Smart said on Thursday that he expects to play for the Boston Celtics on Saturday. The Defensive Player of the Year for 2021-22 was absent from Boston’s 109-86 triumph in Game 2. Due to a quad contusion, the team missed Game 2 of their second-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday.

“There’s a good chance I’ll be back for Game 3,” Smart said.

“Some of the swellings has gone down,” Smart remarked. “I’m still struggling with some,” he explains. He also stated that his shoulder stinger from Game 1 is not an issue.

“It’s just the fluid and the quad,” Smart explained. “A lot of the fluid got to the knee because it was closer to the knee area in the quad,” he said.

Smart has been busy for the past two days. “Treatment and exercises to strengthen the quads and get the blood pumping, “he stated. On Thursday, he put it to the test at the Celtics’ practice facility.

Marcus said,

“I felt OK,” Smart said. “I’m still a little sore. Also, I still have some fluid, as previously said, which limits my movement slightly. We’ll handle the rest. They’re doing everything they can to return to the court, and I’m doing everything I can to return to the court.”

On the other hand, Smart suffered a quad injury in January and missed six games.

He said, “It’s the same one in the exact position.” “It’s just worsening the same injury I’ve had for a while. And, as we all know, such injuries might last a long time.”

Ime Udoka, Boston’s coach, stated that the team would learn more about Smart’s situation on Friday. And his body’s reaction to the work he completed on Thursday.

“Obviously, he looks better today than he did the last few days when he couldn’t go,” Udoka remarked.

In Game 2, the Celtics started Derrick White in Smart’s place. The minutes of Payton Pritchard has increased, and Smart praised the team’s response after losing the series opener. He also congratulated Al Horford and Grant Williams for their “phenomenal” and “wonderful” defensive work against Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Celtics vs Bucks: Marcus Smart is expected to return for Game 3.

Celtics vs Bucks

He said it was “challenging” to watch from the sideline. “Also, I was very antsy that whole day and couldn’t sleep nor take a nap,” Smart said that he was doing everything ready to play. But he has to listen to his body. “Anybody who knows me understands that if I’m going to miss a game, something’s gotta be wrong with me.”

“We don’t even need Marcus, honestly,” Udoka laughed as Smart stood in the back of the interview room. Udoka then credited the Defensive Player of the Year for “the impact he has on us in setting the tone on a night-to-night basis.” The Celtics have faith in White and Pritchard, according to Udoka.

Celtics vs Bucks: When Smart returned, he sounded excited about being able to play the way he always did.

“I should be able to accomplish what I was doing if I’m out there,” Smart added. “So when I return, I’m going to be myself. That’s all I have to say about it. And if I’m not out there, it’s because I didn’t feel 100% ready to do the things I have intended to do.”

Smart and the training team are working on “the last part” of his quad problem, according to him. He believes that if he can bend his knee, go into a defensive posture, and blast off his right leg normally, he will “be back to himself.”

Smart explained, “It’s kind of hard to go out there and play if you can’t do that.” “As soon as we get that fluid off of it, everything else should be fine.”

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