Grizzlies vs Warriors: Golden State wins the series 3-1

Grizzlies vs Warriors: The Golden State Warriors were frigid for three quarters and trailed by seven points entering the final period. Still, they found a way to hit the shots when it mattered most. And get the stops they needed to beat the Memphis Grizzlies 101-98 and grab a commanding 3-1 series lead. Memphis, which was playing without Ja Morant, will not soon forget about letting this one slip away. It had every chance to win this game and return home with all the momentum in a 2-all stalemate. The series now appears to be out of reach. Stephen Curry scored a game-high 32 points for the Warriors, but it took him 25 shots to get there. He made only four of his 14 3-point attempts, but he did end with eight clutch free throws. Also noteworthy are the 18 fourth-quarter points. Curry has been outstanding in the paint and at the rim during the playoffs. His 3-point shooting is off, as he consistently misses wide-open looks.

Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole shot a combined 0 for ten from three-point range. Andrew Wiggins was 1 for five from three-point range for the Warriors, who shot just 24% overall. If Memphis was ever going to win sans Morant, it had to be with the Warriors shooting so terribly. Of course, a lot of that was due to Memphis’ defense, which is better now that Morant is gone.

Grizzlies vs Warriors: Golden State wins the series 3-1 because to Stephen Curry's heroics in the fourth quarter.

Grizzlies vs Warriors

Steven Adams was back, and the double-big lineup crowded the middle with Jaren Jackson Jr. In the paint, Memphis outscored the Warriors 56-42, while the Warriors only scored 38 points in the first half. The issue is that the Grizzlies only scored 41 points in the first half. The Warriors shot 24 percent from three-point range, while Memphis barely shot 25 percent. The Grizzlies needed to widen their margins on a night when the game was close. Without its superstar, Memphis couldn’t score enough, and Golden State would eventually get going, if only for a short while. The Warriors surpassed their first-half total with 39 points in the fourth quarter.

Will Morant be back?

Grizzlies vs Warriors: Memphis will host Game 5 on Wednesday. Is Morant coming back? The Grizzlies haven’t released the results of his MRI, and if you want to do some dot-connecting, at least not yet. It does not sound promising. We’ll hope for the best until we hear something formal. Everyone wants to see Morant play again. And they’ve opted to play this series with both teams at nearly full strength.

Lastly, if Morant were to return, defeating the Warriors three times in a row would be a tall order. They needed to win this game since they had to lead almost every night. It also couldn’t hang on for long enough.

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