How to cash out Gcash in Okbet

Before the pandemic, most of us found having a mobile wallet helpful. It makes payment easy, quick, and fast, and you don’t even have to leave your house. Also, opening a Gcash account is a big help for most Filipinos who don’t have a bank account. With a few taps and verification, you can now always have your mobile wallet with you. It’s not just the fact that GCash is easy to use. Users get points to add to their GCash credit, and you can use those points to plant trees through Gcash Forest. Also, this wouldn’t be possible without the partnership with WWF-Philippines. Continue reading this content about “How to cash out Gcash in Okbet” to learn about this question.

How to cash out on a Gcash account?

*Go to your convenience store.

People who use GCash are used to putting money into their wallets at 7-Eleven, but if they want to get Cash out, they can do that at Family Mart. Here are the steps that will show you how to do it.

– Go to the convenience store’s cashier and tell them you want to withdraw from your GCash account.

– Give your phone number and how much Cash you want.

– You will have to show them a valid ID.

– Wait for your Cash-Out to had confirmed by SMS. Send the OTP back to confirm.

*Use your GCash Mastercard to cash-out

The easiest way to get Cash is to use your GCash MasterCard to cash out of any Bancnet or Mastercard-partner ATM in the country, claiming you have one. If you still don’t have the card, here’s how to get one: 

1. Make sure you are a verified GCash user.

2. Go to your GCash app and tap the “Show More” button on your GCash Dashboard.

3. Tap the icon for Cash Out.

4. Kindly choose Cash out with a GCash Mastercard by tapping one of the following options: Deliver or Pick-up.

5. To get a Mastercard, you must fill out a form. Also, pay PHP 150 to get the order processed.

Remember: It usually takes ten business days for the physical Gcash Mastercard to arrive after confirmation. And once you get your card, follow the instructions in the kit to link it to your wallet.


You can also cash out your GCash at places like pawn shops, department stores (SM Store), supermarkets (Puregold), and more that are GCash Partner Outlets.


In conclusion, this content is to show you how to cash out on your Gcash account—this page mentions the simple steps and easy ways to cash out money above. Hoping you learn a lot or gain new knowledge about the Gcash app. After you read this content, you may be ready to get Cash out your money; choose the three easy ways: Cash out through a convenience store, GCash Mastercard, or Over-the-counter cash-out. Also, you can use it if someone outside of Gcash gives you money using a bank transfer to Gcash.

Lastly, after your Gcash receives money from a bank transfer, you can now cash out it. Also, this Gcash Cash out you may use if you bet in an online casino like okbet. Once you get to register, play and win. Moreover, your winning can cash out using Gcash. You don’t need to have doubts about cashing out your money using Gcash on okbet; they are legal, and okbet has licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation.

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