James Harden declines contract for 2022-23

James Harden will play for the Philadelphia 76ers for the rest of his career. On Wednesday, the veteran guard turned down his $47.3 million player option for the 2022–23 season. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, he has expected to sign a new deal with the Sixers. By giving up his player option, Harden gives the Sixers more money to spend on improving the rest of the team with Embiid. Also, after the Sixers were knocked out of the Eastern Conference semifinals by the Miami Heat last month, Harden said he would take a short-term pay cut to help the team become a real contender, and it looks like he’s kept his word.

Harden said at the time, “I’ll be here, and I’ll do whatever it takes to help this team keep getting better. Puting us up there with the best.” “The goal is to win the championship, no matter what that looks like.”

In February, the Sixers sent Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two draft picks to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Harden. The team’s plan must keep the former MVP on the team for as long as possible. “Also, the goal is for him to come back. Since the trade, that’s been the plan, “Daryl Morey, president of basketball operations for the Sixers, said.

“Of course, we have to work with his lawyers, and we’ll figure out how that works between us,” Morey said. “Also, he is a very talented player, just like Embiid and HarrisI’m excited about Rivers and his staff had the whole offseason to work. 

James Harden in NBA regular-season

Last year, Harden averaged 21.0 points, 10.5 assists, 7.1 rebounds, and 1.2 steals in 21 regular-season games with the Sixers. In 12 postseason games with Philadelphia, he didn’t play. Also, he did in his prime at times it looked like he had lost a step. But the hope is that Harden will return to form after a healthy off-season.

Harden said last month, “I’ve been trying to get right through a basketball season for two years in a row.” “And they say, “No, that’s not it.” Do you get what I’m saying? I was getting better all summer. I wasn’t used to going through something like that, so it was a little frustrating, but it is what it is. I’m just glad I’m healthy again. I have the whole summer to clean up and do what I must to be even better next year.”

Information about Harden’s next contract with the Sixers still needs to be worked out. But the fact that he turned down his option to help the team financially shows that he’s committed to the team. It’s up to Philadelphia’s front office to figure out how to build a better, deeper team around Harden and Embiid. Since the team they had last season was not good enough. If you want to read more about NBA news always visit us at okbet.

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